About The Show

fullsizerenderTraitor Radio is a short storytelling podcast that connects folks who are ready to make their communities more safe, accessible and just with the means and motivation to do so. In thirty minutes, twice a month, we’ll amplify the experiences of people under threat and give listeners “homework” items to make change, wherever they are and with whoever they know.

The format is straightforward: The show’s first half will feature first-person or reported storytelling from journalists, artists and community members, and the second half will feature resistance-building actions and tasks for listeners. Traitor Radio is expressly and intentionally built to engage entry-level social justice warriors, and to mobilize people at their points of privilege. We’re not just going to tell you to call your congressperson — although you should probably do that — we’re going to introduce you to people and philosophies that will help you, and your community, become better.

This is not your typical journalism project; it is an act of resistance that combines often reported, always thoughtful storytelling with activism. We aren’t here to hear both sides. We’re here to be on the right side of history — and to guide our listeners there, too.